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About Me

Hello guys! My name is Diogo Monteiro and I'm a Portuguese-Brazilian plane spotter and a student pilot!

My passion for airplanes is largely due to the remote connection of my family with TAP Air Portugal. I grew up and lived in an environment where aviation was the subject of conversation.


During my free time of the ATPL course, I grab my Canon and go to the airport fence to take some pictures with my mates. It is through the ground school, training flights and the planespotting that I am living my passion.


Here, on this new website, you can see more personally my work that I have been approving over time!

Spotting Places

Francisco Sá Carneiro Intl Airport 

Oporto, Portugal

Humberto Delgado Intl Airport         Lisbon, Portugal

Galeão - Antônio Carlos Jobim Intl Airport 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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